Melissa was fantastic!

“Dave’s presentation was very thorough. The price that he told me that we were likely to get for my condo was right on. He anticipated everything and did a very thorough job. With that, I felt very confident moving forward with him and his team. They were very flexible with our schedule and finding times for us to look at places. We had actually put an offer in, we had agreed on a price, and we had gone through an inspection. The inspection found some negative stuff. They were very good at helping us through the tough decision of having to walk away from that offer. Melissa who had done a lot of the actual leg work and looking at places with us was there the next day for us and said, “Okay sometimes these things just happen, here we go and let’s start looking again.” She was fantastic. Through and through they were very professional and very attentive. Things couldn’t have worked out better for us.”

— Mark & Jackie